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Storage Devices are the data storage devices that are used in the computers to store the data. The computer has many types of data storage devices. Some of them can be classified as the removable data Storage Devices and the others as the non removable data Storage Devices.

The data Storage Devices come in many sizes and shapes. And more over the technology used for the storage of the data over them is also altogether different. The storage devices are one of the most important components of the computer system. The memory is of two types; one is the primary memory and the other one is the secondary memory.

The primary memory is the volatile memory and the secondary memory is the non volatile memory. The volatile memory is the kind of the memory that is erasable and the non volatile memory is the one where in the contents cannot be erased. Basically when we talk about the data storage devices it is generally assumed to be the secondary memory.

The secondary memory is used to store the data permanently in the computer. The secondary storage devices are usually as follows: hard disk drives – this is the most common type of storage device that is used in almost all the computer systems. The other ones include the floppy disk drives, the CD ROM, and the DVD ROM. The flash memory, the USB data card etc.

The storage devices are used to record the data over any storage surface. The memories may also be of different types depending upon the architecture and the design like the optical data storage memory, magnetic media storage and the mechanical storage media etc and also the flash memory devices etc.

The storage devices are actually defined as the peripheral unit which holds the data like the tape, disk, or flash memory card etc. The most of the drives that are used for the purpose of data storage are fragile and the data can be easily corrupted in them. The data storage devices are the ones that are also used for the backup and the archiving of the data. The data storage devices were at a time in the past used to be too costly and expensive. But these days the data storage devices are becoming cheap day by day. Hence the data storage devices price is falling. So, we are in a position to get a storage device for a comparatively cheaper price than the earlier drive. The technology is improving a lot and now the memory storage capacity has gone up TB.

The data in the storage devices can be in the form of the files, databases, digital video and the audio etc. The storage devices that are called as the non volatile can store the data permanently until otherwise erased purposely. This is in the case of the hard disk drives or the floppy disk drives.

The other kinds of the storage media like for example the CD and the DVD can even have again two types of the storage; the first one is that in which the data once written cannot be erased. It is stored permanently over it. While the second type of the CD’s or the DVD’s are called as the rewritable; where in the data that is once written can be erased completely and the same storage device can be used again for storing the different data.


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